Pastries and Treats

Pastries and Sweets

—  Pastries —

The following are offered Wednesday through Saturday

Croissants: Almond, Chocolate, Butter, Spinach,

Down Unders (cinnamon roll made with croissant dough)

Almond Tarts, Chocolate Tarts, Fruit Tarts

Jam Bars, Lemon Bars, Cookies, Brownies


The following are offered on Saturdays only... and at the whim of the baker

 Croissant Dough Rolls: Cream and Currant, Cream and Chocolate, Fig and Pistachio, Ham and Cheese, Wine Baked Apple

Whole Wheat Rolls: Caramel Pecan, Orange Cinnamon, Lemon Raspberry, Lime and Cardamom

Danish: Lemon, Blackberry and Cream, Orange and Nutella

Puff Pastries: Sacraments, Indulgences, Coca